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10 Weird Things Covered by Home Insurance

By January 17, 2024No Comments

10 Weird Things Covered by Home Insurance

Home insurance is a vital tool to protect your home and belongings from common risks like fire, theft, and natural disasters. However, you might be surprised to learn that some policies go beyond the ordinary and provide coverage for unusual incidents you might never have considered. In this blog, we’ll explore ten weird things you probably didn’t know could be covered by home insurance.

  1. Falling Satellites or Drones:

In addition to covering falling objects like aircraft, some home insurance policies extend protection to damages caused by satellites or drones that crash into your property. While rare, knowing you’re covered for such events is comforting.

  1. Space Debris:

Space debris, such as fragments from satellites or rocket parts, can pose a threat to property. Thankfully, some insurers offer coverage for damages caused by space debris, ensuring you’re protected even from celestial hazards.

  1. Identity Theft:

Home insurance can extend beyond property damage and offer coverage for identity theft. This can help you recover expenses associated with identity restoration and dealing with the aftermath of a stolen identity.

  1. Stolen Packages:

With the rise of online shopping, package theft has become more prevalent. Some insurance policies include coverage for stolen packages, ensuring you won’t bear the financial burden if your deliveries go missing.

  1. Food Spoilage:

Unexpected power outages can lead to food spoilage. Surprisingly, some home insurance policies cover the cost of spoiled food, so you won’t have to suffer the loss alone.

  1. Sinkholes:

While sinkholes are not uncommon in some regions, they can cause significant property damage. Fortunately, some insurance policies provide coverage for damages resulting from sinkholes.

  1. Voluntary Medical Payments:

In some cases, home insurance policies may include voluntary medical payment coverage. This means that if someone is injured on your property and you wish to cover their medical expenses, your policy might help with the costs.

  1. Riot and Civil Commotion:

In times of social unrest, damages resulting from riots or civil commotion can be covered under certain home insurance policies. This coverage can be particularly useful for those living in urban areas.

  1. Trampolines and Swimming Pools:

Despite their potential liability risks, some insurance policies cover injuries or damages related to trampolines and swimming pools on your property. However, coverage may come with specific safety requirements.

  1. Falling Trees from Neighboring Properties:

Suppose a tree from your neighbor’s yard falls onto your property and causes damage. In that case, your home insurance might offer coverage for repairs or removal.

Home insurance protects against many risks, and some policies extend their coverage to unexpected and bizarre situations. While you might never encounter falling satellites or have your packages stolen, understanding the unique aspects of your home insurance policy can give you peace of mind. As always, it’s essential to review your policy thoroughly and consult with your insurance provider to ensure you have the coverage you need for your specific circumstances.